Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Side Gig

If you’re on the lookout for an easy side hustle that doesn’t require too much leg work, opting into Amazon FBA should be on your list to consider.

In case you aren’t familiar with FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, it’s basically a partnership that allows you to sell your goods on the Amazon platform. Third-party sellers actually account for about half of all Amazon sales — so why not get in on the action?

The way Amazon FBA works is simple enough. You gather up whatever it is you want to sell, whether that’s items you buy at wholesale or goods you create yourself for your own business. From there, you ship them off to Amazon, which stores them in their many national warehouses.

Amazon essentially takes over from there. Whenever someone buys one of your items, Amazon packs it, ships it, and handles the entire transaction from start to finish. And if there’s ever an instance where someone isn’t 100% satisfied, the eCommerce giant will handle returns and all customer service needs. They’ll even deposit your earnings directly into your bank account every two weeks. In other words, they take on all the time-consuming stuff so that you can just sit back and collect the profits.

There is something in it for Amazon, of course. They tack on a storage fee for housing your items in its warehouses, as well as a fulfillment fee for doing the other heavy lifting. But for many hands-off side giggers, it’s well worth it. Amazon FBA can be a lucrative source of passive income if you’re zeroing in on in-demand items. Partnering with Amazon means having access to its millions of subscribers; plus Prime members are historically big spenders. But getting this side hustle off the ground and running smoothly does necessitate some strategic thinking. A well-executed marketing plan is a must — it’s all about getting your products in front of Amazon shoppers and closing the deal.

What is needed:

  • Amazon Seller Account

Getting Started:

  • Where to begin:
    • Pick Your Niche
    • Research Products
    • Establish Your Product Sourcing: Where are you getting your product from
    • Establish Your Brand
    • Create Your Product Listings
    • Marketing Your Product
  • Information:
  • Tools:
    • Jungle Scout: Will help with product research to product launch, build & grow your Amazon business
    • Startups: Education, Community, and Tools to help startups launch faster.
    • QuickBooks: Bookkeeping and beyond. Get the smarter tools you need, and the assistance to keep you confident.
    • BookMark: Ai powered website builder get your business online in minutes.
    • Deliverr: Fast and Affordable Fulfillment. Accelerate your Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Wish sales
    • PackHelp: Packhelp is the one-stop-shop for creating a unique unboxing experience by connecting everyone from SME’s to enterprises to a wide range of custom packaging options.
    • Article Writing Company: Need great articles about your product or business description? See what effective content writing can do for you and your business.
    • Hippo Video: A video engagement platform that helps you connect with your prospects and lifts your sales, marketing, and support efforts.
    • LogoTypeMaker: Create and design your own logo online! Don’t let a someone else envision your business. Online logo maker you’ll enjoy! Don’t hire a designer. Be one!


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