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Start A DropShipping Side Gig

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is nothing more than a method of fulfillment.

You may be saying to yourself, “I barely know what it is, let alone how to make money drop shipping.”

Well, it’s actually quite simple and there’s people running drop shipping businesses both on the side and full time from the comfort of their home using their computer.

Starting a dropshipping business is a great first step into entrepreneurship. You’ll be able to sell products to customers, set your own product prices, and market your very own brand. You don’t even need to pay for inventory until it’s sold to an actual customer. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can build a successful brand.

Why Is Starting a Dropshipping Business a Good Idea?

A dropshipping business is a low-risk business model. When it comes to startup costs, you only pay for products that you sell to paying customers. You don’t become overburdened with the cost of creating products, carrying inventory, costs of maintaining unsold inventory, and the cost of employees for packaging and shipping products. It’s a great entry into entrepreneurship as you can start your own dropshipping business by yourself during your evenings and weekends. It will require daily work when it comes to processing orders. However, most of the order processing steps are automated and require a click of a button. The dropshipping business opportunities are endless, you just need to take the first step.

What is needed:

  • Product Ideas
  • DropShipping Supplier
  • Website

Getting Started:

  • Step 1: Choosing a Dropshipping Business Idea

    • Truth is, what you sell matters. You should take some time to find the best dropshipping business ideas. Most people tell you to pick a niche you’re passionate about. But that’s only a half truth. It’s about a combination of profit and passion, skewed towards profit. The reality is the best dropshipping business ideas are usually the profitable ones. It’s a lot easier to be passionate when you’re actually making money.
  • Step 2: Competitor Analysis

    • Once you have decided what to sell you now need to educate yourself on who your competitors are, what they sell, and how they sell their products. There are many ways to do this. See Tools*
  • Step 3: Find a Supplier

    • When you have a list of five or six potential suppliers to choose from you can move onto the next step which is contacting these suppliers to ask important questions like minimum order quantities and shipping times.
  • Step 4: Building a Dropshipping Business Store

    • There are a few components to building a dropshipping ecommerce business the right way. Here are a few:
      • Domain Name – Your domain name matters, especially if building a long-term brand. You can use free business name generator to help you simplify the process. Always get a .com domain, no matter what. If you want your niche as a keyword in the new domain make sure it’s broad like beauty, jewelry, fashion rather than very specific so you don’t need to change your domain name down the road. Also, avoid using your name as the domain for your store. If you ever sell your business, you could legally use the rights to your own name.
      • Sign up for Shopify – Shopify is the most comprehensive ecommerce platform on the market. With new features, tools, resources and apps being added regularly, you’ll find that it’s easy to use and run a business on the platform. Plus, if you get stuck you can reach out to a Shopify guru who will personally walk you through any steps for free.
      • Shopify Themes – Personally, my go to free theme is Minimal Vintage it’s easy to navigate, clean and overall a great starter theme for those on a tight budget. Themes can be changed overtime. In the beginning while you’re just testing out free themes do get the job done. Once you’ve started making some money, you can invest it into buying a new theme for a better store design.
  • Step 5: Marketing Your Dropshipping Business with Everything You’ve Got

    • So at this point, you’ve found your product and built your store, now’s the time to market your dropshipping business like there’s no tomorrow. This is a crucial step in your dropshipping business plan. So don’t keep making tweaks to your store design and pretend like you’re making improvements. You don’t need to be scared of putting yourself out there. Getting your first sale is one of the best feelings!



  • Tools:
    • SpocketSpocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world.
    • Startups: Education, Community, and Tools to help startups launch faster.
    • QuickBooks: Bookkeeping and beyond. Get the smarter tools you need, and the assistance to keep you confident.
    • BookMark: Ai powered website builder get your business online in minutes.
    • Deliverr: Fast and Affordable Fulfillment. Accelerate your Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Wish sales
    • UniTel: Virtual phone system that lets entrepreneurs run & grow their business from anywhere.
    • PackHelp: Packhelp is the one-stop-shop for creating a unique unboxing experience by connecting everyone from SME’s to enterprises to a wide range of custom packaging options.
    • Shorby: Get the most out of your bio links in your social media.
    • Article Writing Company: Need great articles about your product or business description? See what effective content writing can do for you and your business.
    • Hippo Video: A video engagement platform that helps you connect with your prospects and lifts your sales, marketing, and support efforts.
    • LogoTypeMaker: Create and design your own logo online! Don’t let a someone else envision your business. Online logo maker you’ll enjoy! Don’t hire a designer. Be one!
    • Unbounce: Create custom landing pages with Unbounce—no coding required. Get the highest-converting campaigns possible with Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™, and our latest AI feature, Smart Traffic.


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